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Wild Bohemian Day & Night Cream Cleanser

Francesca Larsen has created & developed Wild bohemian skincare, a locally produced, New Zealand range. Products are hand blended so Artisan, Aromatherapy & 100% Organic.

We are very excited about the recent launch of her Summer Body Oil into Brown Owl! This is a beautiful & versatile oil, suitable for both woman & men, which can be used on arms, legs, chest & face. This was created as an addition to the Woman & Man’s Face Oils.

Wild Bohemian Summer Body Oil contains 100% organic ingredients with a potency that delivers an ingredient combination your skin will love & you will notice. The oil is skin medicine & highly therapeutic. 

Each bottle is an individual artisan hand blended potency, used for therapeutical benefits. The preparation is multi dimensional with a selection of organic carrier & essential oils that have been carefully chosen to benefit all skin types, no matter how sensitive, with a versatility that is perfect for women & men of any age.

We are confident you will love this beautiful body oil along with her other face oils. Your Wild Bohemian skin journey has begun.

Ingredients: Organic Kawakawa Hydrosol, Organic Refined Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Calendula Oil & Vitamin E, Organic Essential Oils: Lemongrass, Orange, German Chamomile & Wild Frankincense, Pure Organic Castile.

Wild Bohemian
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