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Salmon Cold Smoked Slices 100g

The King Salmon we raise is very different to Atlantic Salmon. King Salmon is a kind of trout - so totally different genus – with a richer flavour with better oil content so is less likely to dry out. It's much flightier and shy (doesn't like to be crowded, or looked at!) but it also doesn't get the disease issues we see overseas. This also means it's far more slow-growing, and expensive to raise correctly.

Our smoked salmon is the same recipe we have been doing for 25 years with no sugar or artificial preservatives or flavourings.  Just Manuka Smoke and NZ Sea Salt ! Making it suitable for Keto diets too.

  • We don't use any antibiotics, hormones, GMO's or ethoxyquin preservative in our feed
  • Our carbon footprint as a protein is only beaten by eggs and tofu.
  • We are the only King Salmon farmer in the world to replace wild caught fish oil in our feed with fermented and farmed algae for healthier Omega 3 and also reduces pressure on wild caught fish.
  • We are a partnership (not a limited company) with Ngati Porou, Ōnuku Runanga (the mana moana of Akaroa Harbour) and the Bates Family who founded us, with a signed partnership agreement around intergenerational sustainability.
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