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Pacific Harvest Wakame Leaves 20g

ALLERGEN ADVICE: May contain traces of Crustacea, Fish, Molluscs.

This Wild Wakame seaweed is harvested by hand from the pristine waters of New Zealand’s South Island, and air-dried to preserve nutrients. We test our Wakame seaweed for contaminants, in accordance with the ANZ Food Code.

Wakame is also known as Undaria and is a popular edible seaweed, commonly added to delicious, hearty miso soups. It has a unique, subtle umami flavour and is silken to touch. If you are vegetarian or vegan, this is one sea vegetable you will grow to love as a source of wonderful flavour and an array of micronutrients, minerals and trace elements most land vegetables would find hard to match!

Ingredients: Wakame (Undaria sp.) dried sea vegetable. Wild harvested. Check for detritus.

Warning: Contains naturally occurring iodine. Excessive consumption may exceed recommended daily dietary intakes which could have adverse effects.



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