Pacific Harvest Kelp Seaweed Powder 45g
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Pacific Harvest Kelp Seaweed Powder 45g

Pacific Harvest Kelp Seaweed Powder is ground from brown kelp which has been harvested from the North Island of New Zealand, dried naturally to preserve nutrients, milled, then tested for contaminants. It is raw and unflavoured.

Great to use as a salt replacement (especially if you're on a low sodium diet), or to tenderise meat and beans, or simply add umami flavour and wonderful nutrient density to food.

As a brown seaweed, Kelp is rich in naturally occurring iodine, so powdered kelp is often recommended by holistic practitioners to help address thyroid problems.

Kelp powder is a highly nutritious functional food, primarily for it’s high iodine content, but many following a lower sodium diet use kelp powder as an alternative to processed table salt as it offers a naturally salty flavour with high micronutrients and lower sodium content. Simply add it to your smoothie, mix it in with your breakfast, or experiment with the array of recipes provided on the Pacific Harvest site.

Kelp has a natural umami flavour so makes an excellent seasoning. For the vegan or vegetarian, kelp offers an array of micronutrients which may otherwise be difficult to find in non-animal protein sources.

Ingredients:  (Ecklonia radiata) seaweed 

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