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ŌKU Circulate Tea 15 Bags

Circulate is a complete blend to get your blood moving. With herbs like Gotu Kola, Ginkgo and Rosemary that all have a great affinity with the brain. Hawthorn and our very own Kawakawa both have wonderful heart-supporting properties. These herbs are all brought together by the unique warming and spicy properties of Horopito. This really is a complete formula to fire up your circulation!

Ingredients: Gotu Kola+, Hawthorn Berries+, Ginkgo+, Rosemary+, Kawakawa* (10%), Horopito* (3%)  (+Organic or *Wildharvested)

Learn more about Kawakawa & Horopito.

NeoSoilon® Pyramid Tea Bags are 100% PLA mesh filters made from 100% non-GMO sugar cane.

Handcrafted in Hamilton



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