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Living Earth Veggie Mix - big 40L bag

Living Earth's Certified Organic Veggie Mix is suitable for growing ALL kinds of vegetables, herbs etc. in  Plus, it's 100% weed-free, so none of those will end up in your salad!


Living Earth Organic Compost is the basis of all our mixes; it is rich with nourishing nutrients that plants love. Then we throw in a dash of Bark Fines to add a bit of substance, and some Pumice so the mix drains like it's supposed to. Finally, an all natural Organic Fertiliser.


pH 6.0 - 7.0
Conductivity (mS cm-1) ≤ 2.5
Ammonium* ≤ 200ppm
Germination score (out of 7) ≥ 6
Weeds absent
Air Filled Porosity ≥ 10%
Moisture 30% to 50%
Bulk density - wet wt basis (kg per m3) 600 to 750
Analysed in a 1:1.5 water extraction
Living Earth
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