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Living Earth Veggie Mix - bigger 40L bag SEE PRODUCT NOTE

PLEASE NOTE YOU MAY ORDER ONLINE BUT COLLECTION IS FROM THE SHOP ONLY. Staff will be made aware and your name written on the bag.

Living Earth's Certified Organic Veggie Mix is suitable for growing ALL kinds of vegetables, herbs etc. in  Plus, it's 100% weed-free, so none of those will end up in your salad!


Living Earth Organic Compost is the basis of all our mixes; it is rich with nourishing nutrients that plants love. Then we throw in a dash of Bark Fines to add a bit of substance, and then some Pumice so the mix drains like it's supposed to. Finally, an all natural Organic Fertiliser.


pH 6.0 - 7.0
Conductivity (mS cm-1) ≤ 2.5
Ammonium* ≤ 200ppm
Germination score (out of 7) ≥ 6
Weeds absent
Air Filled Porosity ≥ 10%
Moisture 30% to 50%
Bulk density - wet wt basis (kg per m3) 600 to 750
Analysed in a 1:1.5 water extraction
Living Earth
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