Almond Meal 500g
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Almond Meal 500g

Try Nadia Lim's Tangelo and almond cake – mandarins and oranges also work here – cut and de-seed before blending.


INGREDIENTS: Almonds (In conversion to Organic)

ORIGIN: grown in Australia 

What is the difference between almond flour and almond meal? Ground almonds in a recipe could refer to either – and in some cases they can be interchanged. Almond flour like this is made from blanched almonds (i.e. almonds that have had their skins removed), and is typically ground more finely. Almond meal is a coarser grind of almonds, with skins left on.

You can make your own almond meal with a coffee grinder or nut mill, but it's best to soak ('activate') the almonds first to help remove the tannins and phytates present in the skins. These anti-nutrients inhibit absorption of valuable minerals, but soaking mostly removes them. See Almonds Whole for soaking method.

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