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ŌKU Kumarahou Tea 15 Bags – Limited Edition

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Kūmarahou gives you the full benefit of the exceptional properties of 100% Kūmarahou that has been sustainably hand harvested from the native bush of New Zealand. Kūmarahou has a rich traditional use where it was used in many different circumstances. Known for it’s stunning yellow flower when it explodes into colour for a few short weeks at the start of Spring (which is responsible for one of its common names of ‘Golden Tainui’).

More importantly it’s wonderful expectorant & antimicrobial actions lend it to support many bronchial & respiratory ailments, which is why it is the key herb in our Chest Elixirs not to mention its potent cleansing properties. Kūmarahou is a wonderful tonic herb and a very special NZ native plant. It has a unique bitter taste that is not for the faint-hearted, but can easily be diluted down or had with a small amount of honey to soften the bitter tones.

Ingredients: 100% Wildharvested Kūmarahou (beyond organic!)

NeoSoilon® Pyramid Tea Bags are 100% PLA mesh filters made from 100% non-GMO sugar cane.

Handcrafted in Hamilton



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