Membership Terms & Conditions

As a new or renewing member of Brown Owl, you become a proud member of the Brown Owl Organics Incorporated Society and the Brown Owl community, and are entitled to benefits, discounts and activities offered only to Brown Owl members. This includes access to member-only areas on the Brown Owl website, use of the website online ordering, discounts in the Brown Owl shop, participation in 'pods' (member groups formed to buy particular products in bulk from suppliers, to be shared between the pod), and any other benefits that may be available from time to time.


Brown Owl Organics Membership Terms & Conditions

As a member of Brown Owl Organics Incorporated (“Brown Owl”), you agree to the following: 

General Terms and Conditions

  • Brown Owl is a non-profit organisation. Its purpose is to: (a) enhance community health and well-being; and (b) nurture, support, grow and promote the local organic food economy. You agree to support the purposes of Brown Owl and do nothing to bring Brown Owl into disrepute.
  • You agree to comply with Brown Owl's Rules of Incorporation.
  • Brown Owl is administered, managed and controlled by a Committee elected once a year at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). You will make a reasonable effort to attend the AGM each year, and stay informed about Brown Owl activities.
  • You will declare any actual or potential conflicts of interest to the Committee upon application for membership, or if they arise at any time during your membership.  Your membership may be suspended or terminated by majority decision of the committee in the event of a conflict of interest.
  • Brown Owl may collect and use and will protect your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.  By agreeing to become a member of Brown Owl you agree to receive email and other communications from Brown Owl.  Refer to the Privacy Policy for further detail.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to review by the Committee. Any change will be updated on the website and an email notification sent to all current members.



  • Membership fees are set by the committee.
  • Membership is on a 12-month subscription basis.  Membership is obtained by registering online at and requires the use of a valid credit card* to pay for membership fees.  Membership will be automatically renewed 12 months from the last payment date, unless the subscription is cancelled prior (via either your account details on the website, or in writing to Brown Owl with 7 days notice). You will be sent an email advising of your upcoming auto-renewal, and receive an invoice/receipt afterwards.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable.
  • Online ordering is suspended or cancelled if the membership subscription is paused or cancelled.
  • Your membership subscription entitles and enables you to access member-only benefits, including the online ordering system.  You must not share your login information or allow it to be used by any other third party. 
  • The email address you provide must be current as it will be used to receive invoices and member communications.  You will update Brown Owl if your contact information changes.


Online Ordering Terms and Conditions

  • Members may use the Brown Owl online ordering system. See FAQ for ordering opening and closing hours and further information.  Note: Pick-up point addresses and times are visible to members only, whilst logged in.
  • The Food Club is dependent upon the support of volunteers and the member community.  Accordingly, members must accept some flexibility with its operations.
  • Goods purchased through Brown Owl may not be on-sold for profit, except by prior written arrangement with the Committee.
  • As Brown Owl relies on volunteers to make the order pick-up points available, pick-up points may not be available, or vary from time to time.
  • Notice will be given where possible if the online ordering will not be operational for any period of time.
  • You are responsible for paying for any goods you order online.  You are liable for the goods from the point and time of delivery at the pick-up point you selected with your order.
  • Payment for online ordering will be by valid credit or debit card*.  Online ordering is unable to be carried out unless a valid credit or debit card has been stored in your customer account.  Credit card details are vaulted and encrypted by Shopify (the on-line store platform used by Brown Owl) and uses tokenization technology, like a bank.  See Notes on Card Information below for more about storage of your card details.
  • In the case of produce sold by weight, the online system operates by ordering quantities to the nearest whole kilogram (or in some cases 500g or less) and this is how you will be charged.  There are likely to be small variations in the actual weight you receive either side of the amount you have ordered due to natural variations in produce size. However quantities supplied will be as close as practical to the weight invoiced.
  • The supply of produce to Brown Owl can be variable and different to that which it ordered from its suppliers, it may not arrive or we may not otherwise have product in stock as advertised.  Accordingly, you accept that stock may not be available that you ordered or may not match the online product description. You accept similar substitutions may be made at Brown Owl's discretion to fill your order.
  • Brown Owl cannot guarantee delivery of any or all products.  Accordingly, Brown Owl is not liable for any loss whatsoever associated with the delivery or non-delivery of products.  Any other liability in any way connected with the supply of product/s by Brown Owl is limited to the cost of the product/s in question. This clause is subject to any overriding legal obligations imposed on Brown Owl, e.g. Consumer Guarantees Act, or Fair Trading Act.


Other Miscellaneous Purchases

  • Goods are normally purchased from Brown Owl via online ordering or at the Brown Owl shop.  In the event of any other arrangement with Brown Owl outside of those systems, you will be invoiced and payment must be made within two days of the date of invoice.  Payment may be required in advance at the time of ordering.
  • Any payment due to Brown Owl is to be made in full, without any deduction or withholding any amount, whether by way of set-off, counter-claim or otherwise.  Brown Owl reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month, calculated daily, from the due date for payment to the date when payment is actually made (including post-judgment interest), and to recover all expenses and costs (including administration costs and legal costs) incurred by Brown Owl in obtaining or attempting to obtain a remedy for the failure to pay.
  • Membership benefits may be suspended without notification from Brown Owl if you have an overdue invoice.


*Note on Credit Card Information

The Brown Owl website does not store full credit card details.  Your credit card will appear in your customer profile like this ******4567.  Credit card details are vaulted and encrypted by Shopify and uses tokenization technology, like a bank.  Shopify handles the website financial transactions so it's very secure.  Shopify’s credit card vault is PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

When you order a Brown Owl subscription, it will be 'ongoing' and automatically renew.  Your credit card information will remain encrypted and available for you to use with Brown Owl online ordering.  You have access to update your payment method on Shopify directly via your Brown Owl customer profile.  Shopify will only deal with your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and its privacy policy.  View the Shopify Privacy Policy.

Last updated: 11 November 2022


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