How can I see what you offer when ordering is closed?

You can always see our current availability on the Products page – this reflects our shop inventory and pricing (before member discount). If you are a current member, you can also log in to view the discounted member prices. While ordering is closed, or if you aren't logged in as a current members, products can’t be added to your cart. Please be aware that our inventory is being updated throughout the week. Prices are subject to change (up until the point of purchase).

How do I log in and out?

Click on Account (the person icon on the top right of the page) to log in or out. When you are logged in, a tick is shown there. Even if you don't log out, the website will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. If you already began an order but did not complete it, it will be saved in the cart to resume, next time you log in. You may occasionally receive an email to remind you of items left in your cart. If items in your cart are no longer available, you will be advised when checking out.

How do I find what I want?

To check the availability or price of a particular item, use the search tool (magnifying glass icon) at the top right of each page. Note this will also find recipes or articles that include the searched word/s. If you get no results, try a single word. If you get too many results, try using a less common word, e.g. 'steel' for steel cut oats.

To just view a category, e.g. fresh produce, click on that category. This is great for just shopping your fresh items, but for Pantry items there are pages of items to scroll through. This is where filters come in.

To see a selection, for example what dried fruit we sell, click the drop-down arrow in the FILTER BY TAG box below the categories – then scroll down to dried fruit. (Note, if you're already clicked into a certain category – say Produce – you'll first need to click All at the left of the categories.)

Can I add things like milk at the shop if I pick up my order there?

You can of course purchase chilled goods from the shop when you pick up your order there, but this must be paid for separately, instore. Online payments are separate to the shop, and pricing may differ.

How will I be charged for my order?

We currently invoice after orders are packed. This is to allow for any changes to your order, such as when certain produce doesn’t come in, or a dry goods item is short-weight. Invoices are generally sent out Wednesday evening.

If you have selected a card payment, your card is only charged on delivery day (for the reasons above). We can only charge the amount authorised, so a new invoice will be sent if any additions are made in consultation with you. If items are not supplied (or are discounted), your card will be charged a lessor amount than authorised, as reflected on the invoice.

Note, from the time of order until Wednesday, your card statement will show the payment as Pending, as we will have not have collected your payment yet – although your card issuer may deduct this from your available balance straight away. Any subsequent refunds (if necessary) will be made to your card within ten working days.

If you have selected bank transfer, we request payment by the end of Friday on the week you receive your order. If you haven’t received an invoice by noon on Thursday please get in touch.

What is Brown Owl’s bank account for bank transfer payment?

ASB 12-3155-0166906-00

I have a question about my order/account.

Contact: operations@brownowl.nz – we try to respond within 48hours. If urgent, or regarding an order in progress, contact the shop on 07 777 2110.

I’m not receiving your weekly emails.

You can re-subscribe at the bottom the page, under Stay updatedIf the problem persists, contact: operations@brownowl.nz.

How does the web-ordering cycle work?

  • Ordering opens on Friday afternoon – we aim to be open by 6pm (often earlier) and an email will be issued to members once open. Ordering closes at 9pm on Sunday evening.
  • We make regular orders of dry goods, and bag bulk goods down on Monday mornings.
  • Dry goods for the current week’s web orders are picked from shelves on Monday afternoons. Bread and produce is ordered from suppliers to arrive each Tuesday. Local produce is harvested and prepared on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Orders are packed by volunteers on Wednesday mornings, and we aim to send them out to the various points by 1.30pm. A lot of work goes into lining everything up ready to pack these orders, which is done offsite.
  • After receiving your order, you wait for an email invoice and pay Brown Owl’s account by Friday of that week, when the whole cycle starts again.

What if I forget to order something?

If you forget something you may submit a second order but in order to save paper (packing slips) and any confusion we encourage you to wait until the following week if possible. We do our best to unite multiple orders when packing, and take off secondary fees at the invoice stage. Contact operations@brownowl.nz if this doesn’t happen. Please check you get your complete order/s on pickup.

How do I set up a recurring order?

Brown Owl are not currently offering mixed produce boxes, only custom orders are being packed so you cannot set up a recurring order at this time, sorry. We may review this in the future.

Can I get a home delivery, or to my work?

Yes! We can deliver your box/es to your home or workplace on a one-off or regular basis, providing the address is not rural delivery (close to the other pick-up points is fine though). This is charged at $10 per order which includes the basic handling fee for online orders of $4. Rural home deliveries are generally only made within a kilometre or so of one of the pick-up points, or by request. Sometimes we can connect you with a member in your area to make your own arrangements with. Please contact operations@brownowl.nz to check.

Boxes and other recycling

  • We are always in need of good, clean, sturdy boxes in which to pack orders. Please remember to return them to your pick-up point.
  • Lux Organics use home-compostable packaging for bagging their produce. If you don’t have a home compost or worm bin, please return clean empty bags along with your empty boxes and we will ensure they are biodegraded appropriately.
  • The coloured bands from local produce can be returned for re-use, thanks.
  • Medium and Large brown paper dry goods bags can be returned for potatoes to be packed into, however please don’t return flour bags.

How can I volunteer?

For their support and commitment, volunteers for Brown Owl receive an order discount of 5% per hour volunteered (to a maximum of 15% per week, non-accruable). Volunteers also do not pay packing/delivery fees for the weeks that they help. You do not need to commit to every week, just book in whatever suits you. Contact packing@brownowl.nz for more information, or to be given a link to the packing roster.

Wednesday Packing Volunteers

Wednesdays - from 9am to 12.30 or 1pm. Each week a friendly, dedicated team meet at the Ngongotaha Bowling Club to set up the produce and dry goods for the week, and weigh and pack between 50 and 85+ orders for members. Morning tea is enjoyed over a cuppa while organising deliveries, followed by pack up and dispersal.

Wednesday Delivery Volunteers

Wednesdays - from 12.30pm. Delivery of boxes is generally covered by Wednesday packing volunteers, but it is good to have back up people for when we need extra help. This job requires people with vehicles that can take up to 10 boxes (sometimes fewer) to various drop-off points and home deliveries. As a mileage reimbursement we can offer $2 per order (plus $1 for extra boxes), for deliveries to a pick-up point; and $4 per home delivered to (again with $1 extra for additional boxes). Please contact Kym Eagleson if you are interested: packing@brownowl.nz.

Monday Bagging Volunteers

We package our dry goods ahead of time for food safety and to streamline the Wednesday workflow. This is done on Monday mornings at the Brown Owl Shop. Volunteers are needed for about 3 hours from 9am until 12pm (sometimes until 1pm). Please contact Aglika at: bagging@brownowl.nz.

I have news or an event I would like to share with Brown Owl members.

Contact: info@brownowl.nz

How do I cancel or pause my Brown Owl Membership?

The Pausing feature is designed for weekly subscriptions such as mixed vege boxes, which Brown Owl does not currently offer. For annual memberships, pausing is in effect the same as cancelling; pausing does not extend the membership.

Cancelling your subscription means you will not be able to order online, and your subscription will not be automatically renewed (i.e. card charged). You may, however, reactivate your subscription at any time during the term of your paid membership, by logging into your account.

Note: Whether your subscription status is active, paused or cancelled, you will continue to have access to member pricing instore, for the remainder of your paid membership term.

Log in to the website, go to the My account page and click on Your subscriptions, in the Manage subscription section. Click on the subscription number and then select an option under 'Manage status'. Choose 'Cancelled' to stop your membership from auto-renewing. You will no longer be able to access online ordering (unless you return the status to Active before your renewal date). Note we do not refund unused or cancelled memberships except in extenuating circumstances.

I don’t want to receive emails from Brown Owl. How do I stop these?

We issue both weekly emails (to let you know when ordering is open, and anything else you might need to know such as changes to pick-up points), and occasional newsletter updates (monthly or so). These are on separate mailing lists so If you no longer wish to receive one or other type of emails from us, simply click the ‘Unsubscribe’ link (which is at the bottom of every group email we send). Contact us if you have issues. Please note that as an incorporated society we are obliged to maintain a list of current members and their contact details, and may still contact you throughout your membership period regarding Society business, such as advising you of the Annual or any special meetings.

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